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MySQL Database Schemas

Version 03

This package is a zip file that contains two files; a pdf display of the database scheme and the SQL DMP file of the database. This is an extensive update to Version 02, and will serve as the baseline for the development of the Agencies Database program. This will be the terminal release of 'agency_schema'. The agency database schema will now become part of a new set package named 'agencies'. The agencies package will become a full application package for Agency and Training management using LAMP. The initial development of the program is now underway, and we hope to be able to bring a initial release in the near future.

| 21 March 2009 | Download |

Version 02

This package is a zip file that contains three files; a pdf display of the database scheme, a 'doc' file to explain the database scheme, and the SQL file to create the database. This is an update to Version 01, and includes changes based on conversations with the OpenCARE project ( The changes reflect a move to include data fields that will allow the database to be utilized by emergency service agencies outside of the United States. This collaborative effort will help to ensure that the Open ISES software will be able to work seamlessly with the OpenCARE.

| 25 June 2006 | Download |

Version 01

This package is a zip file containing four 'pdf' files and one open document 'odt' file. This includes an instruction sheet explaining the database scheme. This is the original database schema that was originally made available at the Open ISES web site. For anyone who is interested in creating the base system, the database scheme is absolutely necessary.

| 27 May 2006 | Download |